AE in collaboration with its partners has set up a dedicated refurbishment facility for Mechanical Seals in the Al-Jubail Industrial City. In this state of the art refurbishment facility, mechanical seals of all types and brand are repaired and certified. The trained mechanical seal staff, our modern technology and our innovative machinery guarantees you the highest accuracy and unmatched quality at a cost-effective and sound alternative to purchasing new seals.


We refurbish both standard and engineered seals, including mixer and bellows seals, gas seals and rotary unions. To provide the most comprehensive refurbishment service, we also refurbish seals made by our competitors. Every cartridge seal is tested before they are delivered. Our facility is an ISO 9001 quality standard certified. Quality and customer service are at the core of our business ethics and we put these on highest priority at our refurbishment facility.


We offers seminars and trainings for the use of mechanical seals. We train how to choose the right mechanical seal for your application, how to install mechanical seals, either component seals, single cartridge mechanical seal, double mechanical seals or mixer mechanical seals. The training content includes the basics of mechanical seals, types of mechanical seals exists, which type needs to be chosen, different arrangements of a mechanical seal (tandem, back to back etc.), API plans and many more. Besides theoretical, it will have practical session in the facility under real conditions.